DeepDive Software Training

Our training events are designed for experienced programmers and software engineers to have a one day deep dive course into specific topics of interest in software. Whether the topic is machine learning, angular.js, WebSockets, or something Ruby on Rails oriented, attendees can expect an awesome speaker, catered lunch, and a one day crash course in the topic they've chosen.

These events are generally not for beginners and certain concepts should be well understood before attending. Prerequisites are in place in order to make sure the speaker can focus in on the specific area of interest the class is about and not the overall concepts behind a particular language or method. By the end of a session, engineers become aware of the possibilities presented by a specific technology and how to use it along with working code to build into applications.

DeepDive events are events by engineers for engineers. Joining forces with local meetup groups, we are creating events that focus on emerging technology topics with some of the best speakers available. No topic is too technical. As new topics emerge we will cover them in depth in ways never seen before in a one day crash course. We don't promise you'll be an expert, but you will know all the possibilities and have real code to work with on projects moving forward with the technologies.